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We support your launch of a virtual presence in Second Life.

Vector Japan Inc. has been engaged in architectural design, production of 3DCG, planning and production of Internet contents for over 20 years.
We are ready to support your business launch in Second Life World.

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Examples: Bank in a office building and
           Shop in a resort



- planning of promotion project
- space design
- planning of tied-up ads with your own website

Design and create

Second Life world consists of 3D objects.
We are engaged in architectural design of real buildings to creation of 3D Computer Graphics, improving design techniques. We design and create objects for you such as buildings, furniture, accessories, clothes, and so on.


You can set behavior on objects and avatars (your representation in Second Life).
With Linden Script Language, we help you to control them and other complex programs.


We place your advertisements in any media in Second Life, from ad pillars or balloons to commercial films on screen.
It can be set up a link to your own website, and
Second Life Residents will be led to become your customers.

Real estate

We lease land in Second Life for you to open a store or an office there.


Contact us for further information and estimates:
Mail :
TEL : 03 - 5537 - 5870
FAX : 03 - 5537 - 5871

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