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Materialize your imagination

When it is difficult to understand details from plans or drawings, tactile solid models help you to grasp complicated shapes, 3D curved surfaces, or a sense of scale.


  • machine modeling of great precision
  • use of ABS resin resistant to aging deterioration
  • tactile and easy to understand



  • Acceptable CAD format:
    • STL, IGES (IGS), DWG, DXF, OBJ, STEP, SolidWorks
  • Other details:
    • Maximum size    : W200mm×D200mm×H300mm
    • Modeling precision: 0.254mm pitch
    • Material        : ABS resin

      * Producing as parts and connecting them, it is possible
        to have bigger size than the above mentioned.


■ Practical use of 3D model data

It is possible to produce resin models from 3D model data made in the production process of Computer Graphics images, and vice versa.

Your presentations will be more powerful when you use realistic and colorful CG images adding to tactile models.


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