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Maximize your customer relationships.

Polarstar Express is one of the solutions to maximize your customer relationships.
Send business cards and information you've got, and we create your own customer database.
Using the database, you can send bulk greeting mail to your customers by simple mobile phone operation.
The database is regularly updated. Customer information management, analysis of your customer's visit frequency and other optional services are available.

Simple steps to be a member

Telephone or e-mail us
We send you an application form and a return envelope.
Fill the form and send it back
(Enclose your customers' namecards and we create the database immediately.)
Service starts as soon as the database is completed.
* Admission Fee: Free
* Annual membership: 10,000 yen
* Update: monthly

From the next update on, send business cards, notes, your customers' information
by post, e-mail, or facsimile.


Optional services

■Mail Delivery Service
You can send bulk greeting mail to your customers.
* Still and moving images can be attached.

Delivery Rates (1 greeting mail)
varied from 3,000 yen (- 100 customers) to 10,000 yen (501-1,000 customers)
attachment: 1,000 yen / 1 still image

■Reminder Service
You will receive reminders for special dates such as customers' birthdays and anniversaries.
cost: 1,000 yen / month

■Gift Service
Gift delivery from famous stores for all occasions.
cost: Actual expenses only

■Direct Mail Service
We design, print, and deliver season's greetings cards for you.
cost: 100 yen / 1 card

■Premium Data Service
More detailed analysis report with customer ranking. It will be one of powerful marketing tools.
cost: 1,000 yen / month

Contact us for further information and estimates:
Mail :
TEL : 0439 - 55 - 6100

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