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Company History

1989 Vector Japan Inc. was founded as Planning Office A&G
Feb. 1990 The company was incorporated and changed its name to Nihon Vector Engineering Inc.
Aug. 1991 The company established CAD Business Department.
(equipment: three MicroCADAM work stations. seven more added in 1995)
Dec. 1994 The company established Estimation Business Department.
Sept. 1996 The company moved to the present address.
Oct. 1996 The company was reorganized into a stock company as Vector Japan Inc.
Nov. 1996 CG and Animation Department was established.
(equipment: a formZ loaded machine)
Aug. 1998 Vector Japan Inc. started to conduct an annual trainning program for trainees from Kisarazu National College of Technology.
Mar. 2001 Vector Japan Inc. started to receive commissions for Solid modeling.
(equipment: two SolidWorks computers)
2002 Four machines were loaded Maya, and a machine was loaded Final Cut Pro 3.0 in the office.
Apr. 2004 Tokyo Office was opened.
Nov. 2006 A resin molding machine was installed in the office.
Sept. 2007 Vector Japan Inc. opened an overseas affiliate in China.

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