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Rich expression and high cost performance

Using our accumulated knowledge of Architecture,
we offer precise and delicate 3DCG images.

Exterior and interior of houses

Try different designs, colors, and materials on computer,
and we help you to find your perfect house plans.
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Industrial products, precision machines

Computer Graphics is an excellent technique to express complicated details of machines with realism and precision.
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It can be prototypes on computer for development of new products, and catalogues or demoreels for development of the market.
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Computer Graphics can visualize something doesn't actually exist,
it is able to make clear demonstration of new complex methods of construction, technology, and so on.
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Advertising and promotions

Promotion movie of new products and companies,
interactive contents on computer
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■ Practical use of 3D model data

Realistic and colorful CG images will help you to make presentations persuasive. Moreover, it will be more powerful when tactile models are added to your presentation tools.

it is possible to produce resin models from 3D model data made in the production process of Computer Graphics images, and vice versa.



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