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Advanced analysis brings more realistic results.

We use the advanced version of analysis software which has no limit on the number of elements, contact points, or load cases of analysis models.
It made FEM analysis applicable to large scale structures.

Considering transverse walls which can't be assessed on 2D Frame Analysis,
we are able to reduce the amount of reinforcement and
the results get closer to the actual conditions.

【Example of seismic diagnosis】

  • facility: Distribution reservoir (capacity: 35,000m3)
  • facility scale: 70m×95m, height 8m(6 blocks)
  • structure: reinforced concrete
  • foundation: direct foundation


【Stress contour plot】

  Block[4] - Moments in Y direction - Indication of the transformation
  (number of contact point: 21,745 number of element: 19,945)


【Transformation animation】

  An animation of the contour plot and the amount of transformation
  for the earthquake response analysis of Block[4]

Click (to start the animation) (WMP)


The linkage of technical drawings, CG images, and models

It helps people to understand projects clearer and makes project examinations progress steadily.

【Sample model】

  Reinforcement examination model of block [1]
  Removable shear walls of the model show effects and results clearer
  than drawings and images only.


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